Experience in the use UpSize

Experience in the use of the cream UpSize send Olesya from St. Petersburg.

Experience in the use of UpSize

Hello, I would like to over cream for breast enlargement UpSize. I am 22 years old and I suffer from the small size of the breast years, with 15. When girls at school began the "roundness", I've got nothing grew. For this reason, I had to Board me the nickname "flat", "", etc., It is a huge complex in me, because I could not arrange her personal life and a man. More specifically, I was looking for, because you imagine yourself in bed with a man I don't naked was easy.

So 22 years ago I'm not proud of, retained your virginity. Of course, my cherished dream was to be a surgery for breast enlargement. But it does not cost a lot of money that I have and probably will never. I work as a waitress, and if the take credit, as recommended to me, I can't then just come over the rounds, because even I can pay for my studies and I a room.

Last year I met a man very much in love. But because of his problems, I have not given the development of relations. In General, cried a lot, I decided that something must be done. And here are my attempts, even the breast enlarge started. I saw a couple of different infusions, ate cabbage, rocked chest muscles, bought all sorts of ointments and creams. Some people have a smaller effect, but the cost of the wiper stop, and the swelling subsided, and I was on the way back to their size 0.

Experience in the use of before and after the UpSize

When I saw the advertisement of the cream UpSize – interested in. Read about him, had positive reviews and decided to try. Visible result I saw after three days. Breast swollen as before Menstruation, only not painful. In two weeks, my bra is too small for it. I am following with great pleasure the purchase of a new, and very surprised, as the 2 times I almost just ran. Now in a PUSH-up bra, it looks very nice also. Without a bra is not perfect, but compared to what it was – the earth and the sky. After 0.5 size 1.5 – for me it is Super.

So I am very satisfied with the cream UpSize. I would like to buy one and can...finally, the reconstruction of her life and marry

Experience in the use of the cream UpSize sent by Anna from Berlin, Germany.

Over the cream UpSize learned from a friend. It used to be 1 size of the breast, and if I met you on the street, she had beautiful Breasts). I started to questions, I thought, she has the surgery, but she said that this cream . I'm naturally thin, and the chest I 1. Size. Earlier it was complex, but the former said, that, if I had to be at least as good, then it would be better... In General, it must've hurt, we then made final, but the amount remained. The operation I did not dare to never.

In General , I wrote this girl and asked her what a cream. She told me the name and I found him on the Internet and ordered. The result is! The chest was much bigger! Old Bras, I threw, the breast of them just falls. The figure has more sexy, like it very much! Cream UpSize really works. At the beginning I had thought the fear, that it is the hormones, but I have no hormones. The stock of the oil and extracts from plants. The only substance – deoxymiroestrol. What it is I don't know, but it is written that it causes the growth of the breast. In the composition of the vitamins for the skin.

The effect is, and remains, to use when you stop. A good cream, for those who have small Breasts. Of course surgery is not to replace, but a half size up for our crumbs is good).

Experience in the use of the cream UpSize send Veronika from Istanbul.

Experience in the use of UpSize 2

Hello to all! I would like an opinion about the cream for breast enlargement UpSize. After the birth of my and without a small chest, almost invisible. Not only that, you fell, the skin was limp, as if in empty pockets.

Began to not be as close as previously, the aims, and the most remarkable that the man was uncomfortable with myself naked. I began to read the information about the increase of the breast and everywhere it was the same: "the only answer is surgery and implants". But first, we do not have so much money, and secondly, man against, well, risks there are also all sorts of what is not used, and the scars remain.

That's why I decided to try a cream. Read the reviews and decided to order cream UpSize. Start immediately to apply twice a day after showering in the morning and in the evening. Some write about what colitis and Tweaks — I have nothing. The skin after the cream is pleasant. On the third day noticed that the Breasts less saggy. I like that one.

In the second week, right, swollen, raised a little, as with the arrival of the milk. That is, the effect it gives. Now the third week comes and I see the result. Let's see what comes next, I hope that I have her Boobs, or at least close to what it was before. Many thanks to all of you!

Experience in the use of the cream UpSize sent Nicol from Paris.

Experience in the use of before and after the UpSize 2

Hello. I want to write a review about breast enlargement cream UpSize. I learned from him, from the advertising to the classmates. I am 24 years old. Chest 1. Size, and I want more. That I will I have to work to save will be decided for the Operation. I gave birth to a son 8 months old. 5 months he was in HS.

Then my problems began. During pregnancy, the breast was gorgeous, with the second half of the size, as well as fed. And then you hang now even less than before the pregnancy. Decided to do something. Natural remedies, tried pill buy some, but the effect was not. Bought the cream from Evelyn, he pulled the skin a little, but the chest remained no...

Then cream saw UpSize and decided to buy it. Apply according to the instructions — in the morning and in the evening. After 10 days, the result noticed. The chest is a little bigger )). After a month I had almost the same as before the pregnancy. Second Tube ordered, I am looking to continue! Do not expect miracles, but to increase a half size-the size really!